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Story and the making of Pebble People…

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The making of….Pebble People

I started with sculpting the heads out of clay. The little sketch was just an idea of how to assemble the hole figure. The endresult looks nothing like that, but that´s ok. 😉

Sculpting heads of the Pebble People

 A while ago, I bought some clay. When it dries, it looks just like stone.
I wanted to do something whith that property of the clay.

Taadaaa: PEBBLE PEOPLE. For now there are just three heads.

     I am still thinking about the body….if I am making a body at all. Maybe

I will make a base for them. For the body I am thinking to use twigs,
but real twigs are breakable. It probably will be “twig like” with a
structure of wire.

More pebbles and choosing materials

I have sculpted some more pebbles for the Pebble People and added holes in the pebbles, so I can put some natural string through them. That way, I can use them for the ‘costume’ of the figurines.  Also, I have decided on which materials I am going to use. It will be faux fur and burlap. The base has to be sculpted and then I can begin to assemble. To give you an idea, I have used some wire stuck into a flower pot to get the figurine in an upright position.  Otherwise all the pictures would be of  flat materials. The neck will consist of 2 or 3 pebbles.

You can get an impression of the final result on these pictures:


Sculpting a pebble base

Instead of making a body for the pebble people, I decided to model a base with more pebbles. In this base I stuck a stick and on top of that will be the head.


The space in between will be a combination of faux fur and burlap. Some extra pebbles will be added to stay in theme. That will be the last stage and then they will be finished…. A few months later they were 😀 

After months and months I finally finished the pebble people. Standing on my table, they were looking at me and seem to say: “finish us allready!!!!” They just needed some details, and now they have those finishing touches.

They seem to form a happy little family.


This little family needs a good story. There might be some additions to this family to make a bigger ‘Pebble Clan’. Maybe the story will write itself then.


Here is a caroussel of all the pictures of the whole process: