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Fantasy and Fairy tale drawings

Fantasy and Fairytale Drawings

The original drawings are made with pencil, colored pencil and pen. They are often changed a little with digital techniques and sometimes some color or special effects are added. There are a few which are inspired by existing fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty with the sleeping guards, or Tom Thumb who is so small that he can ride on a mouse, or the little mermaid. The illustration of witches flying to a mill at night is made for a rather unknown story: “The mill of the devil”. There is also an illustration for the story “The metamorphoses of Piktor” the metamorphosis from a bird to a plant to a butterfly. The drawing of the rather angry looking bird is made with a mouse skull I found as an inspiration.

However, many of the images you can see here come from my own imagination. Invented animals are often depicted, but also elves, fairies, witches, princesses and others who often occupy the fantasy world.